Episode 80

Year in Review


January 3rd, 2019

1 hr 42 mins 5 secs

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Ep. 80 - Year in Review




Matt Slavin,  Ervin Lukacs


First Segment - Top Articles of the 2018 (chronologically, Matt’s Picks)

      Boring Company Flamethrower (Jan 28th, Ep. 36)
      Starman Launched into space (Feb 6th, Ep. 38)
        We didnt put an article in the notes, but it happened and its the title
      Ajit Pai receives the NRA Courage award for saving the internet (25Feb Ep. 40)
      Drunk Man Accidentally takes $1600 Uber from WV to Jersey ( 04Mar Ep. 41)
      Episode 43 - Cambridge Analytica, Rihanna tanking Snap Stock, and Uber Autonomous accident (busy episode, 19Mar)


    Episode 49 celebrated 1 year of podcast (Apr 29th)


    Google I/O 2018 brought Smart Compose, Duplex, Adaptive Battery, and first update via Project Treble, Google Photos Colorization, etc. (09May, Ep 50) Great Conversation about Workplace burnout (26Jun, Ep 56) People were shoving MacBook i9 laptops into the freezer (22Jul, Ep 60)
    Bitconnect de-listed from final crypto-exchange (12Aug, Ep 63)
    Alex Jones Suspended Permanently from Twitter (12Sep, Ep 67)
    Apple Event (17Sep, Ep 68) Episode 70 - I’m reading this Jeff Google Event (08Oct, Ep 71) RIP Google + Cards Against humanity 99% off sale (27Nov, Ep 76)

Second Segment


Best tech of 2018 (Ervin | Matt)

Smartphone pick -

    Pixel 3s Camera | iPhone XS iPhone XS Max | Pocophone F1 OnePlus 6T | OnePlus 6T

Game Console Pick -

    Souljaboy game pad | Souljaboy game pad PS4 Pro | Nintendo Switch Nintendo Switch | PS4 Pro

Home tech pick -

    iPad Pro | iPad Pro Apple Watch Series 4 | Google Home Lenovo Smart Display | TCL Televisions


Most exciting thing about 2019 (speculate)

Biggest improvement -

    iOS on iPad | Siri gets a lot better YouTube rewind | tablet software experiences get some love Apples naming scheme | Souljaboy makes a comeback

Biggest fear -

    Mark Zuckerberg | Yea that one China | Data Breaches Galore Logan Paul | Dr Fuji’s CES Vaporware

Big 3 phone speculation (apple, google, samsung) -

    Notches are done, Moving to cutouts | Samsung kills the headphone jack Budget iPhone - Sub $400 | USB-C iPhone DSLR Level Cameras | Google drops fingerprint scanner


    Foldable budget phones Pocophone F2


Let’s guess and speculate, and see if we were wrong come next Dec

Review Us! Notes - Plugs, worthy mentions, etc.