Episode 25

$100 Blue Polo Firesale


October 29th, 2017

1 hr 25 mins 1 sec

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Episode 25

$100 Blue Polo Firesale

~29 October 2017/ Webcast


Ervin Lukacs, Kyle Fisher, Jeff Budzinski


First Half


iPhone X opened for Pre-Order on Friday 10/27/17 at 3am EST/New York Time


Apple Fires iPhone Engineer


True Cost of iPhone X


iPhone Screen Repair Cost


Best Buy Price Hikes


J Budz: “I am Pixel.”


Pixel 2 Woes


Google Rising TAC / Apple


Second Half


Waymo Tests in the Motor City


Project Loon gets T Mobile Support


Tesla Solar in PR


Tesla Downsizing


Reaper Botnet


Amazon Pharmacy


Twisted Light


Last Mile Article, Google Fiber