Episode 21

Big Mouth Alexa Bass


October 1st, 2017

1 hr 21 mins 16 secs

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Episode 21

1 OCTOBER 2017 / Webcast


Matt Slavin, Kyle Fisher, Ervin Lukacs, Jeff Budzinski, Ryan Thompson

Items from Previous Episode

    Equifax Coverage
New Business

First Half

    New GPS Chips provide almost 17x more accuracy to location to appear in 2018


    Equifax Hires Identity Theft Company to profit from hack week before disclosing breach

Bill Gates now uses an Android Phone.

    Discussion on the death of windows phone.

Space X Mars 2022 Space X World Travel

Second Half - Amazon Event

    Amazon Event 27Sep
    New Echo
    Echo Plus
    Echo Buttons
    Echo Connect
    4k Firestick $70
    Echo Spot

Is this too many Amazon Products? Who will win in the Smart Home department? Amazon, Samsung, Google, Apple?

    Amazon’s large diversity of echo enabled tech
    Google’s Powerful AI backed Home
    Apple’s… Siri?
    Samsung’s SmartThings

Notes - Plugs, worthy mentions, etc.



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